Sanford loses primary to challenger Arrington in 1st congressional district race

John Warren and Henry Mc Master head to runoff

John Warren and Henry Mc Master head to runoff

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, she had 50.6 percent of the vote to Sanford's 46.5 percent. Republican officials say their private polling showed that Sanford was struggling, in particular with female voters. "Are you for or against Trump?".

Stewart said he plans to campaign in a Trump-like way that appeals to blue collar voters across the political spectrum. Agreeing to disagree is "a sign of health in our political system".

Republican lawmakers will face another test in defying Trump on trade this week as they are joined by Democrats in an attempt to block the administration's deal with the Chinese telecommunications company ZTE. In Alabama, U.S. Rep. Martha Roby is in a July 17 runoff against former congressman Bobby Bright. Though he has a generally conservative voting record, his public comments against Trump made him a target.

A Trump supporters at a rally in support in Florida in January.

"I am grateful for the President's support", Arrington said.

This result is the first defeat of Sanford's remarkable career.

The president congratulated last week for the Republican Party's showing in Tuesday's California primaries.

Democratic State Sen. Jennifer Wexton was the clear victor in a six-way primary in a northern Virginia district considered key to the House battleground map this fall, and will challenge Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who has an on-off relationship with Trump.

To be sure, the president's track record of picking winners and losers in elections is not ideal.

Polls have closed in both states and well as Maine, North Dakota and Nevada.

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McMaster, the former lieutenant governor, assumed the governorship past year after Nikki Haley resigned to become USA ambassador to the United Nations.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Republicans gave their Senate nomination to conservative extremist Corey Stewart, who, as he celebrated his victory, railed in Trumpian fashion against "criminal illegal aliens", and added, "by the way, they are animals". Stewart will face Sen.

In North Dakota, Republican Representative Kevin Cramer easily won the nomination to challenge Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

As former Speaker John Boehner said recently, "There is no Republican Party".

"It's Trump's party now".

He becomes the second incumbent House Republican to lose a primary this year - the latest victim of intense divisions among the GOP in the Trump era. "What they will not support is someone they view as going after the president personally", Heye said.

President Trump's reference to Argentina was a dig at Sanford's 2009 affair scandal during the time he was governor of SC, when he disappeared for several days on a secret trip to Buenos Aires to visit his mistress. But he was never a strong Trump fan. In Virginia, Republicans went with a candidate who was so over-the-top Trumpy that he wound up being fired from the president's campaign. In turn, Arrington sought to cast the three-term congressman as a traitor who was opposed to the president's agenda.

"That's ultimately what the race devolved down to, which was, 'Was I Trump enough vs. not, '" Sanford said.

Though Wexton favors a ban on the sale of assault weapons, she defies what has been the tendency in some swing districts to nominate Democrats with liberal profiles on other key issues. "LOVE MITT ROMNEY!" Arrington wrote on Facebook in 2016.

If the primaries were any indication of what is to be expected in the general election in November, the message is clear: Republican voters want candidates who support Trump.

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