Trump claim raises eyebrows: North Korea no longer a nuclear threat?

Trump claim raises eyebrows: North Korea no longer a nuclear threat?

Trump claim raises eyebrows: North Korea no longer a nuclear threat?

Trump's Tuesday meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un produced a wave of United States concessions in exchange for vague, nonbinding promises from North Korea.

US President Donald Trump plans to depart early from his unprecedented summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the White House said yesterday, declaring that nuclear talks with the North have moved "more quickly than expected".

Despite Trump's optimism following his summit with Kim, many remained skeptical that North Korea, infamous on the world stage for making empty promises, especially when it comes to its nuclear program, would follow through on its pledges from this week's meetings. But peace has a cost and, given the current U.S. narrative that seeks to avoid foreign entanglement and is fed up with spending money on global commitments, it will require the United States to manage its shaky alliances if this is to be a realistic prospect.

Trump said that he and Kim established an immediate rapport.

He said it's meaningful in itself that the leaders of the United States and North Korea met, talked and signed an agreement that will carry more weight and significance than any pact previously made between the wartime foes. Previous year it tested long-range missiles that could reach the USA mainland, although it remains unclear if it has mastered the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead that could re-enter the atmosphere and hit its target. It's a resounding success for Kim - and one that is likely to be exploited back home for political goal. "Thank you to Chairman Kim, our day together was historic!"

Pyongyang in return "commits to work toward complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

Pence also touted diplomatic improvements with North Korea under the Trump administration, noting that there have been no missile tests in seven months and citing the inter Korean peace summits and the return of three USA hostages. "We hope that the two countries' highest leaders can dispel interference, establish mutual trust, overcome difficulties and can reach a basic consensus on promoting and achieving the denuclearization of the peninsula and promoting and establishing a peace mechanism for the peninsula", Wang told reporters.

"The sanctions right now remain", he added.

Official newspaper Rodong Sinmun called the summit "the meeting of the century" on its front page.

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One showed a smiling Kim shaking hands with Trump's hawkish National Security Advisor John Bolton, who has previously advocated military action against the North, which in turn has referred to him as "human scum".

Ordinary North Koreans consistently voice unequivocal support for the leadership when speaking to foreign media.

Republicans appear much more enthusiastic than Democrats about the potential benefits of the summit.

The spectacle was a major coup for an isolated and heavily sanctioned regime that has long craved worldwide legitimacy.

"The crux of the peninsula nuclear issue is a security issue". "We paid for a big majority of them".

"He made very clear that the condition precedent for the exercises not to proceed was a productive, good-faith negotiations being ongoing and at the point it's concluded that they're not, the President's commitment to not have those joint exercises take place will no longer be in effect", Pompeo said.

Trump added that Iran was a "different country" now than it was "three or four months ago".

Even as Pompeo staunchly defended the summit results, he was less exuberant than Trump, who tweeted on his return to the USA on Monday morning: "Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office". Ri is best remembered outside North Korea for her emotional deliveries of the deaths of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un's father and grandfather. The president had announced a halt in the drills after his meeting with Kim on Tuesday.

The move - long demanded by Pyongyang - has been seen as a major concession to North Korea and appeared to take USA allies in the region by surprise.

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