Google Revamps YouTube Music, Adds YouTube Premium

Google Revamps YouTube Music, Adds YouTube Premium

Google Revamps YouTube Music, Adds YouTube Premium

Search engine giant Google on Monday announced new YouTube Music service, which will go head on with Apple Music and the fan favourite, Spotify.

An ad-supported version of YouTube Music will be available widely, but YouTube Music Premium will give users background listening options, downloads and an ad-free experience for US$9.99 a month. It costs $11.99 for new customers and includes YouTube Music Premium.

The platform will first be rolled out in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea on May 22.

One will be called YouTube Music, which as it sounds is a music streaming service, and the other will be called YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium also includes access to ad-free access to YouTube, the ability to background play videos, and downloads across YouTube. Now, those that are currently YouTube Red subscribers will be moved over to YouTube Premium at their current price of $9.99. The audio-visual app promises "music videos and deep cuts that you can't find anywhere else" suggesting that exclusive content will differentiate YouTube Music from its competitors. By paying $10/month for a Google Play Music subscription, you got music streaming through Google Play Music and ad-free YouTube through YouTube Red.

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To extend the features of YouTube Music Premium beyond the music app, we're soon introducing YouTube Premium, the new name for our YouTube Red subscription service.

What the hell is YouTube Music, you ask? Spotify and Apple Music subscribers may be content with their chosen services for now, but if YouTube Music truly does become a legitimate contender in the streaming market, it will be hard to resist the allure of YouTube Premium for all the extra perks it offers. A personalized home screen will adapt to your listening history to provide not only better recommendations, but also more specific recommendations-for instance, a relaxing suggestion will be offered when at the airport or an up-tempo song suggested at the gym.

"YouTube was made for video, not just music", said Elias Roman, Product Manager, YouTube Music, in a blog post.

YouTube may be the streaming originator. So if you haven't signed up for YouTube Red already, now is the time.

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