Oppo Find X is an all-screen phone with slide-out cameras

Oppo Find X is an all-screen phone with slide-out cameras

Oppo Find X is an all-screen phone with slide-out cameras

OPPO isn't contented with just a single OPPO Find X flagship smartphone.

You'll be relying on that mechanism a lot, because as it turns out, the Find X is the first phone not made by Apple to utilize a 3D face-scanning camera system.

Oppo has started sending out media invites for an event in India on July 12.

Oppo's new Find X is unlike anything you've ever seen. All the cameras, both the front-facing ones - as in multiple cams, because this bad boy does 3D face recognition too - and the rear ones. The front is all display, with a slight Galaxy S9-like curve around the side edges. It is said to be powered by the Snapdragon 845 SoC with Adreno 30 GPU.

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Supplementing the performance of the SoC is 8GB of RAM and you have ample 256GB of internal memory incorporated. The front camera has a whopping 25 megapixels, while the dual rear camera system is a 20/16-megapixel combo. The smartphone is expected to be backed by a 3645mAh battery with support for VOOC fast charging.

Another thing that makes the Find X special, aside from its design, is that it will be the first Oppo phone sold in North America and Europe. So in retrospect, with a technically smaller display by the numbers, Oppo's Find X is actually giving users more screen to work with than the Vivo NEX.

Leaked TVcommercial revealed Oppo Find X's unique camera system. OPPO has included AI in their cameras with the ability to recognise 21 independent scenes, 800 scene combinations, and implement special optimisations for all of them.

RAM: The Oppo Find X comes with up to 8GB RAM. However, its motorized design means that the Find X misses out on something that we've all taken for granted in today's phones: waterproofing. The Find X is also eligible for Android P Beta. Unlike many Android OEMs that have begun embracing the notch-style display, Oppo has pushed the envelope with a motorised slider at the top that comes out while launching the front or rear camera. The device has two gradient color combinations - Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue. The Lamborghini edition of the Oppo Find X will cost buyers 1,699 Euros which roughly translates to Rs 1,33,913. The phone doesn't feature a headphone jack and will instead use the USB Type-C port for audio when plugging in headphones. Oppo uses the 3D Structured Light Technology to map out the nose, eyes, and other facial features, and "personalize your selfie" as a result. OPPO claims it has a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8 percent, and this effectively allows the phone to carry a 6.4-inch panel while remaining compact enough to operate one-handed. We do know it's in line for a global release with Oppo entering four European countries (Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands) from June 19 with plans to expand to more in the future.

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