PlayStation 4 Outsells Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in May 2018

Nintendo invites Xbox to play and be

Nintendo may be banning Switch game cards used for piracy from going online

With the PlayStation 4 outstripping the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for comparative console sales, Nintendo and Xbox are letting their players play together for fun, profit, and positive publicity. That means that if you have an Xbox One, and a friend of yours has a PS4, and you both want to play the same game together, you can't. At this point, playing pirated games on a Switch is perfectly possible, so Nintendo is cracking down with some strict new policies.

Of the big three game console makers - Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo - Sony is the final holdout when it comes to multiplayer gaming across competing systems. The Switch version of Minecraft received an update today that enables cross-play with PC, Xbox One, and smartphone players. I don't believe this has been achieved yet, but when it inevitably is, Nintendo will be ready to ban you for attempting to play it online.

However, players on other platforms at the time being look to not have the opportunity to acquire the Royale Bomber skin that is included in the PS4 bundle.

Nintendo a few weeks ago launched Fortnite for Switch which is excellent news for the Switch community.

On Tuesday, Sony, which is about to hit the fifth anniversary of its latest device "PlayStation 4", announced that the company is planning to cut the cost of some of its best-selling games. Meanwhile, Switch players were taking on Xbox One, PC and mobile players.

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Is Sony right to deny cross play given the PS4's dominant market share?

With that anger still hot, Nintendo and Microsoft did the unthinkable and cooperated.

We learn that total video game sales are up 13% in May, and 15% year-to-date. The size of that ecosystem would utterly dwarf PlayStation's 80 million-strong install base, potentially reaching hundreds of millions (or more) people.

Crossplay is something console gamers have been begging for, for ages, and now Nintendo and Microsoft has made a decision to finally embrace this concept in two of their games, Minecraft and Fortnite.

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