Chevy Volt charges in half the time of last year's model

2019 Chevrolet Volt

2019 Chevrolet Volt Enlarge

It was the first electrified vehicle I ever drove, way back in 2012, and despite a relatively short pure-electric range, the range-extender gas engine made it seem so practical at a time when EV chargers were a rarity.

The new charging system is standard on Volt Premier grade and optional on the LT trim, which gets a 3.6 kW system as standard.

Updated pedestrian alert system that now uses front and rear speakers to provide audible alerts. The LT will continue to come standard with a 3.6 kW charging system that takes roughly 4.5 hours to charge.

Chevy has announced the updates to the 2019 Chevy Volt, with the overall theme being "improved convenience".

New tire fill alert sounds a horn when full tire pressure is achieved. With the new 7.2 kW system, the 2019 Volt can be completely recharged in as little as 2.3 hours with a 240-volt outlet. Power seats have been added to the range-topping Premier, and are now available on the LT as a option. While range remains the same at 53 miles in pure EV mode and 420 miles in total, Chevrolet focused its improvements on increasing charging speed and efficiency, with the goal of making the existing range more usable.

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GM did not indicate if the new system will speed up the roughly 13-hour charging time of a 120-volt portable charge cord that comes standard with the vehicle. "It effectively extends the vehicle's all-electric driving range, while providing about twice the range for the money when plugging in at public facilities that charge by the hour". Where older Volts gave drivers a single eco-driving score, the new system gives insight that will help them see where they can conserve power.

The company has changed its automatic engine-assisted heating system, enabling drivers to use battery power alone in temperatures as low as 13 degrees F.

Pricing for the 2019 Volt - which is expected to go on sale in the fall - was not disclosed.

A new Energy App also betters economy by educating drivers on how their behaviour behind the wheel affects the battery range.

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