Immigration protests: Thousands rally to condemn Trump policies

WASHINGTON DC- JUNE 28 Protesters march from Freedom Plaza to demonstrate against family detentions and to demand the end of criminalizing efforts of asylum seekers and immigrants

Immigration protests: Thousands rally to condemn Trump policies

The protesters, many donning white T-shirts and clothing, carried signs and gathered in mass outside Dallas city hall. "Where are American values?", "Be Kind", and "Babies should not be hostages" while some displayed biblical verses.

There were many immigrants in the crowd - some whose families came long ago, and others much more recently arrived. "We now have time, resources and a lot of energy". "If not they're going to be listening during the midterms because we're going to be out and voting". "So it's up to us to hold our partners in politics feet to the fire". I had an interview and they put me in a room called the freezer.

"If you are pro-family, you can not separate families", Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said to the crowd at Los Angeles City Hall. It's not good for the country. As President Obama recently told us, we've got to stay loud and active within our communities to make sure our voices are being heard - it's the only way things will change.

He explained his wife is from Venezuela and is trying to become a USA citizen. But that was not the goal of Saturday's march, organizers said.

Actress Felicia Day took to the live streaming service Twitch TV with Jason Ritter and Nathan Fillion for a telethon of sorts, raising money for RAICES, a non-profit agency that provides legal services to immigrant/refugee families.

The United Nations has also denounced the practice as well as the indefinite detention of families, which is a violation of worldwide humanitarian law.

But the "zero tolerance" policy remains intact, and the practice of detaining families together indefinitely has been blasted as inhumane.

"I'm not a radical, and I'm not an activist", said Kate Sharaf, a Portland co-organizer. "Shame! Shame!" as speakers denounced the separation of children from parents after they entered the United States illegally.

"It's not just political", she said. "We have to stand up for what we believe in, and I think families should be kept together". "Families have been separated for before the Trump presidency".

But the Trump administration points out that most of those migrants never showed up for court.

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For the 7,000 people marching in Minneapolis on Saturday over immigration issues, the message was, for the most part, consistent: Families belong together. Heidi Notario of Camp Hill meant to go to that event until she heard of the march happening in Harrisburg. He said he wanted to join the Raleigh event because he is disturbed by the country's immigration stance.

A federal judge has ordered families be reunited and the administration asked the military to house immigrant families, leading the Pentagon to mull the construction of soft-sided camp facilities. That's when it happened to her, she said: The two were separated. "So I'm very concerned about this".

However, critics say the order did not address the issue of families already separated, with 2,342 children taken away from their parents between 5 May and 9 June alone.

Moreover, they believe they are on the right side of history because they are in the majority.

The signs referred to U.S. Sen.

A police officer looks out at demonstrators rallying against the Trump administration's immigration policies at the federal courthouse in Brownsville, Texas, on June 28, 2018.

"First and foremost we are a nation of laws, but we are also a nation of compassion".

"Forcibly separating children from their parents is not about 'deterrence, ' or the legal technicalities of law, or illegal immigration, or anything else President Trump has claimed to justify his latest and most odious outrage", the daily wrote.

Immigrants made up about one in 20 USA residents in 1970. I went to the border and asked for protection. "The best solution to fixing this problem is to act now and end illegal immigration". "We see our humanity in the eyes of those children locked in those cages and we will not accept it".

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