In iOS 12 Apple is completely rebuilding Maps from the ground up

In iOS 12 Apple is completely rebuilding Maps from the ground up

In iOS 12 Apple is completely rebuilding Maps from the ground up

That has meant new hardware, specifically the growing fleet of sensor-toting vehicles with discrete Apple Maps branding that have been spotted trawling the streets over the past couple of years.

Whether the changes are enough to make Apple's Maps a serious rival to Google Maps remains to be seen, but iPhone users will be able to find out quite soon. But the latest round of changes will go deeper.

In the tech world, Apple Maps has largely been somewhat a joke. They will apparently acknowledge roadway and construction changes while offering more visibility concerning details like ground coverage, sporting areas, swimming pools, and walkways. The company has deployed a ton of Apple Maps vans in the United States that will collect data for Maps, which will be used to deliver better search results, improve navigation, and just the overall view of the area around you in Maps. Even still, it'll look radically different once it gets more detailed data.

What's particularly new is the mention that "hundreds of millions of iPhones" will be gathering traffic information. With all thanks to the first-party data, the company is building a new mapping service from scratch which will cater the complaints of users over the years. Thankfully, the company is completely rebuilding Apple Maps from the ground up.

Apple is apparently aware of this, thankfully, and, as reported by TechCrunch on Friday, the company has chose to make some major changes to address the complaints for its mapping service.

"For example, a road network is something that takes a much longer time to change now", he said.

Cue promised that "We're going to make sure that we're taking you to exactly the right place, not a place that might be really close by", which is the kind of claim that Google's never had to provide for Google Maps.

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Apple is also tweaking how navigation data is displayed with the upcoming update.

The re-building of Maps application also includes a new design.

Other improvements are coming as well, including a redesigned search feature, which now routinely suggests irrelevant results that may not even be on your current continent.

It's nothing more than direction and speed, and with no way to link it to an individual user's movements, but it's still potent stuff.

What's unclear is the deadline for global completion, if there is any.

CNET compared iOS 12 against iOS 11.4 on two iPhone 5s 16GB models to get a rough idea how iOS 12 performed under common tasks, like launching Mail, Safari and Maps, as well as the tasks Apple touted.

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