Grab Your Wallet: NES Classic is Back

Grab Your Wallet: NES Classic is Back

Grab Your Wallet: NES Classic is Back

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic (SNES Classic) will also be available through the end of the year. In fact, some media outlets actually feel that Nintendo's original hope was that machines like the NES Classic might help stem the tide of in-home emulation that's become popular as PC hardware continues to grow in strength.

And this time around you might be able to get one for just $59.99, which happens to be the regular price for the console.

The NES Classic Edition earned an "excellent" rating in PCMag's 2016 review, and our coveted Editors' Choice award.

Nintendo announced that a limited re-release of the miniature game system would launch today, June 29 at several stores, including Best Buy and ThinkGeek. The original Nintendo brand NES Classic controllers are hard to find. Want to know where you can get your hands on a NES Classic?

News of the Nintendo NES Classic console returning to retail stores first surfaced two months ago. First, it connects to your TV over HDMI and uses a video technology called upscaling to make older games look great on modern sets. The original Legend of Zelda as well as Super Mario Bros. are both built right in.

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It's not clear if the stores that are now out of stock will replenish their inventories, just as they did before. At the very least it's the easiest.

This includes large retailers like Amazon and GameStop, but there are plenty that should ideally have them in stock as well, and if you need reminding this comes pre-loaded with plenty of classic games to keep you entertained as well.

The hottest item of holiday seasons past has returned, with 8Bitdo offering an awesome new wireless controller that pairs perfectly with the mini Nintendo classic console.

Your best chance is to check the store pages below to see whether they're available yet or still in stock.

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