Young boys, coach found deep in Thai cave

Rescuers explore fissures on the mountain hoping to find shafts that lead down into Tham Luang cave

Rescuers explore fissures on the mountain hoping to find shafts that lead down into Tham Luang cave

But this is only enough to lower the level by one centimeter and more rain is forecast sparking fears it will threaten the air pocket where the team has taken refuge.

It is believed the team entered the Tham Luang cave on June 23 when it was still dry, before sudden heavy rains blocked their exit.

Here's what we know: Who are the people trapped in the Thai cave?

Footage released by The Royal Thai Navy shows the missing children inside the Tham Luang cave.

A team of Thai Navy Seals and medics are in the cave with the boys and their coach, and there are two main plans to get them to safety.

Thailand's Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda summed it best when he described the cave as "unlike diving in a swimming pool".

The boys can't swim, and any attempt at extraction through the water would be perilous.

No one has any critical injuries, said Chiang Rai's governor.

Rescuers have appealed for 15 small and extra small full face masks, fuelling speculation that divers are preparing to lead them to safety through the flooded stretch of the cave.

The governor said that requests had been made to build "infrastructure" in the cave leading to the pocket where the teenagers and their coach are located.

Water levels in the cave continue to rise and none of the boys can scuba dive, which may allow them to leave.

Divers from the British Cave Rescue Council have participated in the rescue so far, and its Assistant Chairman Gary Mitchell told the BBC that the cave system is about 10km long.

The video of that first contact was posted on Facebook by Thai navy special forces.

Officials said they would attempt to train the boys to use crucial diving gear after they are rehabilitated with food, water and medical support.

Having been underground for so long, it appears that the group were confused as to what day it was.

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Anmar Mirza, the US National Cave Rescue Commission coordinator, said the primary decision is now one of whether to try to evacuate them or to supply them in place.

One boy replies: "Oh".

Cheers erupted at a camp outside the Tham Luang cave's entrance when they had all been found alive.

As the days wore on with the group missing, distraught family members had placed fruit, desserts, sugary drinks and candies on mats near the cave as an offering to the spirits which some people believe protect the cave and the forest.

Thailand's prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has thanked the global experts who assisted in the search.

"Thank you all Thais, thank you all foreigners", he said.

A group of Thai soccer players, between the ages of 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach hiked into the cave complex after practice 10 days ago. "They just dove and dove".

Pattaya Beach, the section of the cave where the boys are sheltering on a mud bank, is 5km into the 10km cave network and the conditions of the dive are treacherous, with nearly no visibility and rushing waters.

But more heavy rain is forecast for the coming days, which could worsen the flooding in the cave where the boys are trapped.

Divers had to navigate a series of sharp, narrow bends in near-darkness.

"I was happy to hear the cheering from the rescue workers".

All 13 are in a good condition after being assessed. Surawan's reference to four months has been interpreted as a potential sign that authorities are considering waiting until the rainy season ends in October. There is current. The visibility can be zero at times.

Other teams are still scouring the mountainside in the hope of finding another way into - and out of - the cave.

If that does happen Reymenants said the boys and the coach could be expected to be in the cave for "up to 3-4 months".

However, the hard part may yet be ahead: getting them out safely.

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