A Facebook Bug Might Have Unblocked Users on Your Blocked List


Facebook bug temporarily unblocked people from 800,000+ block lists

Still, blocked users may have been able to re-send friend requests if they happened to notice they were suddenly unblocked.

Even if the bug "unblocked" people you had previously blocked, they became blocked again once Facebook found and corrected the bug. It remains unclear why it has taken the company an additional one month to inform the affected users. The other 17 percent of users had more than one person unblocked, thanks to the bug. The Trump-affiliated firm came under scrutiny for inappropriately obtaining data on tens of millions of Facebook to learn about individuals and use it to create an information cocoon to change their perceptions. The content shared with the friends-only privacy would not have been seen to the unblocked person (previously blocked).

Facebook has started notifying over 800,000 users about a bug in Facebook and Messenger application that unblocked certain users who had been blocked by some people. "A bug mistakenly deleted some of these associations across Facebook and Messenger, which caused blocks to be lost", Facebook said. Facebook also stated to have found a fix for the bug, which was active from May 29 to June 5.

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Facebook has had to warn 800,000 of its users that a bug may have temporarily unblocked blocked users from their accounts. Users whose privacy setting were set to "friends only" when sharing content would not have had any posts revealed to a blocked friend.

The fact that this was possible is a concerning breach of Facebook users' online safety.

While it doesn't appear to have another Cambridge Analytica-sized scandal on its hands, Facebook did cop to another privacy gaffe on Monday. According to Facebook's data, 85 per cent of people had only one person on their block list unblocked due to that bug.

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