Anti-ICE Protesters Gather Outside Oakland Home Amid Child Sex Trafficking Investigation

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It shows Homeland Security Investigations, a division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), serving a federal search warrant related to the human trafficking of minors in West Oakland, California, as Bay City News reported at the time.

Around the country, this sentiment is being echoed by several prominent Democrats seeking to bolster their progressive credentials. Sen.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the insurgent Democratic Socialist who won a stunning primary upset in NY last week, ran on this issue. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, his potential opponents for the Democratic nomination, have both come out in favor of abolishing ICE. I can't think of anything ICE does that brings added value to the country, but I can point to numerous instances of the agency unnecessarily harassing Americans. It's short enough to fit on a bumper sticker - as does "Build the Wall", or "Abolish the IRS".

"The government will not separate families but detain families together during the pendency of immigration proceedings when they are apprehended at or between ports of entry", the Justice Department said in a filing with Judge Dolly M. Gee, who for the past few years has been the key force controlling family detention.

"While eliminating ICE would be an important step, it alone is not enough to halt Donald Trump's deportation machine", she said in a statement.

Finally, local police also fear the community will stop reporting and cooperating with crime-fighting efforts if police and ICE become indistinguishable.

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"We protect ICE, they protect us and we protect them", he said at a rally in Montana.

City Councilman Gil Cedillo also joined a growing list of politicians and organizations calling for an end to ICE by introducing a resolution that would support its elimination.

Trump, who has often cited the dangers of the MS-13 gang to argue for tougher immigration laws, said there is an "infestation" of gangs in pockets of America. "They want to send people home who just cross the border, and they don't see asylum as just having violence in a country, but really asylum being for people who are being politically persecuted", he said.

Congressional Democrats fared worse, with 60 percent saying they were more interested in political gain and 34 percent said they wanted to resolve the issue.

The US president tweeted that Democrats want "open borders" and that that would result in a spike in crime. "As long has we have Trump he's the one in charge of their policies". I think they'll never win another election.

Why are Democrats divided about abolishing ICE? Eight-four percent - a huge number comprised of 94 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of Democrats, and 83 percent of independents - said that cities should be required to notify immigration authorities. The majority of the country sides with Democrats on immigration in general. "Just because you have someone abusing his power, doesn't mean we need to get rid of it". What's more, the poll found, 22 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of voters think he "has emboldened people who hold racist beliefs to express those beliefs publicly".

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