Underwater camera added to search for trio missing near B.C. waterfall

Underwater camera added to search for trio missing near B.C. waterfall

Underwater camera added to search for trio missing near B.C. waterfall

Three members of a YouTube travel blogging collective have died after falling over a waterfall in Canada.

A team of local authorities are searching for three people who have slipped and fallen from the top of Shannon Falls near Squamish, B.C. into a pool 30-metres below.

Mr Gamble's partner Alissa Hensen posted a tribute to the adventurer and shared her grief.

Witnesses told Search and Rescue officials that Gamble and Lyakh followed Scraper into the pools to try and help her.

Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper were part of High On Life, who post videos of their travel adventures. I love you Ryker Gamble.

They end up by the handsome granite that's been carved by the water over hundreds of years but the buildup of lichen makes the area slick, Willcox says, adding dogs and people have slipped into the water but have been helped out.

Gamble, Lyakh and another group member, Justis Price Brown, made headlines in 2016 and earned bans from US federal lands after they participated in an out-of-bounds excursion on a sensitive hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.

He says their friends reported seeing them carried over the lip of one pool and into a second. A post last month showed Scraper and Lyakh celebrating five years together.

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The Squamish RCMP and Squamish SAR have now turned the file over the BC Coroner's service and have not released the victims' names officially.

"Fortunately in the past they have been able to be rescued", John Willcox of Squamish Search and Rescue said.

Underwater dive teams worked hard on Wednesday undertaking a "complex recovery" of the bodies from a hard-to-access pool, according to an RCMP release.

Corporal Sascha Banks of the RCMP comments that "the water flow" of Shannon Falls "will be heavy with warm temperatures today, increasing the risk to those in the recovery effort.

Until the joint operation is completed Shannon Falls and any trails leading to the pool system at the top of Shannon Falls are closed to the public".

Gamble and Lyakh attempted to save her but they also fell and got swept into the currents, according to the Vancouver Sun.

"We've had a number of dogs that have gone into the water, and people that have slipped into the water as well".

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