Company Fires White Man Who Called Cops On Black Woman Using Pool

North Carolina man accused of racial profiling no longer employed after incident at community pool

Company Fires White Man Who Called Cops On Black Woman Using Pool

Both Edwards and Bloom live in the neighborhood, according to the Journal report. She freely offered her address but refused to provide her ID given that, as the sole black person there, she had been the only asked to identify herself.

"Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use the pool?" The black woman confronts him in the video, asking Bloom if he could tell her where exactly the rule is mentioned on the pool's premises, but he stumbles to give her an answer.

Abhulimen could not immediately be reached for comment Friday. John Vermitsky said his client's role as pool chair included asking for IDs of pool patrons and removing those who did not have valid memberships.

"The well-documented incident ... does not reflect the core values of our Company, and the employee involved is no longer employed by the Company in any respect", the statement said.

The Glenridge Homeowners Association announced on Thursday that Bloom had stepped down from his positions in the group. A massive four-bedroom home for sale on Bloom's street is listed on the real estate website Zillow for more than $400,000. Social media users shared a Facebook post in which Abhulimen called it a "classic case of racial profiling" - the latest in a string of police calls on black people who are doing ordinary, nonthreatening tasks that have made headlines. In a police recording released Friday, Bloom is heard calmly telling a dispatcher he's dealing with a "nonresident that's at the pool who refuses to leave".

In response, the manidentified as Bloom replied that he asks for IDs a couple times per week.

So Bloom had a solution. After this, the officer asked if he could borrow her pool card to demonstrate to Bloom that it was valid.

Of course, Edwards says. "I'm not going to throw the baby over".

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Police Chief Catrina Thompson warned that her officers "will not be used as pawns to further someone's dislike for anyone". The door clicks open. It has also apologised to Abhulimen and her family for the treatment of its employee.

Bloom, however, is not satisfied. When the officer asked Bloom if he needed anything else, he replied, "A form of ID would have been helpful to validate".

The police apologize to the woman for wasting the time and for the 'altercation that occurred'. Apparently it was not enough for him.

"They kinda make their way around sometimes, but that's good enough for me today", Bloom says after the card works.

The next moment earned Bloom the derisive and viral hashtag of #IDAdam, joining #PermitPatty and #BBQBecky, when Edwards reveals his name. But when they arrived, they were met by Adam Bloom, the pool chairman, who wanted to see Edwards' ID. Upon arrival WSPD Officers spoke with both Mr. Bloom and with Ms. Jasmine Abhulimen (identified on Facebook posting as Jasmine Edwards) to determine the cause of the "disturbance".

Bloom's job as pool chair included removing people from the pool who were not authorized to be there.

"Yeah, they kind of make their way around", Bloom said.

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