Syria war: Thousands return home in south-west

Syria war: Thousands return home in south-west

Syria war: Thousands return home in south-west

"Rebels will hand over their heavy-duty weapons in stages in exchange for the regime withdrawing from four towns" it had recently recaptured, said Abazeed.

Jordanian residents of Jabir village watch aid deliveries to Syrians fleeing the government offensive in the south as smoke from unknown fire rises.

Many are now returning after a recent deal between the army and rebels.

A quarter of a million Syrians have fled their homes in southwestern Syria amid ongoing battles by the regime, Russian fighter jets roaming the sky, the presence of armed Syrian groups, some local and regional, others extremist.

Daraa was the birthplace of the Syrian war, from which the crisis spread nationwide.

On Saturday, several rebel factions put out a statement saying they did not accept the ceasefire deal and would continue fighting.

Xinhua reporters at the scene heard two explosions that rocked the vicinity, which reportedly could be the explosions of mines.

Israel has informed Moscow and Washington that it agrees to the Syrian regime deploying troops in Golan along its borders on certain conditions, most notably that no Iran-backed militias are present, including Hizbullah.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week to discuss the situation in Southern Syria. More refugees will surely threaten Jordan's stability and security.

The crossing is important for Jordan now that the country is suffering from economic obstacles, which led to the eruption of protests in June, leading to the government's sacking.

Jordan has been flooded with Syrians, and had been a refuge for them since the beginning of the war. "They are only about 150-200 people at the border in the free-trade zone", Pedersen told reporters in Jordan's capital, Amman, on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in eastern Syria a booby-trapped vehicle exploded late Friday in the village of al Basira, in the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour, which is controlled by USA -backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF.

Tens of thousands have returned to their homes in southern Syria since a ceasefire deal between regime ally Russian Federation and rebels to end more than two weeks of deadly bombardment, the United Nations said Sunday. According to the deal, the legal status of the militants who wish to remain in the area is resolved and the terrorists that reject the settlement are allowed to leave with their families to Idlib.

A Syrian regime soldier is seen standing in the Nasib border crossing with Jordan in Daraa, Syria on July 7, 2018.

Rebel officials say the main differences include whether the rebels surrender their weapons in one go or in phases, before handing over their areas to state control under Russian military police supervision.

Syria's government offensive to retake the province of Daraa from insurgents, which began on June 19, has displaced some 330,000 people, many of them heading to the border with Jordan that refused to allow refugees to cross.

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