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The Mavic 2 no longer branded'Mavic Pro which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

The Mavic 2 no longer branded ‘Mavic Pro’ which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

The leaked photos of Mavic Pro 2 seem to tease different sensor sizes. The company began to push the envelope with the 2016 Mavic Pro that offered 4K video in a portable package.

We have just received this photo of what would appear to be the first credible photo of the DJI Mavic Pro 2 in the wild, at this time we can not confirm its authenticity but it looks pretty convincing.

Clearly showing side obstacle avoidance sensors as well as the regular front facing sensors, the branded "Mavic 2" tells us the name of this product. And given DJI's sell for its postponed event mentioned "the bigger picture", it seems logical that the other key addition could be a wide-angle lens. If this is really the DJI Mavic 2, drone enthusiasts should definitely get excited about it. The latter is located on the table and could be the one that will help "See the Bigger Picture" as the teaser to the Mavic Pro II says. The speculation is that the event will unveil the company's next drone after the DJI Mavic Pro, as the artwork for the event hints that imaging will be the highlight.

What do you think about the potential Mavic Pro 2 features?

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Here to offer new perspectives of storytelling is the surge of drones - a flying device that offers soaring viewpoints and hard-to-reach places that have proven useful to create mindblowing cinematics.

CNET notes in a post that 360-degree obstacle avoidance is a possibility here, as well.

The Mavic 2 might also be helpful for budding aerial cinematographers.

DJI was scheduled to hold a drone-focused event later this month, but it has since been pushed back with murmuring suggesting that the company needed more time to ideal its latest aerial offering. With the See the Bigger Picture event pushed back, there is no indication on when the drone will hit the market. There has been no official comment from DJI on the leaked drone.

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