Allan Ungar Uncharted Fan Film Stars Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion just made his own Uncharted fan movie and it's almost perfect!

Nathan Fillion stars in a nearly perfect Uncharted fan film

Speaking in an interview on Kotaku's Splitscreen podcast, Nathan Fillion shared more details on his involvement with the recently-released Uncharted fan film in which he played the starring role of Nathan Drake, with the unofficial film having already reached over 450,000 views since its debut this morning on YouTube. It's 14 and a half minutes of joyous action and adventure, and Fillion fills the role perfectly.

For years fans have been dream-casting "Firefly's" Nathan Fillion as "Uncharted's" Nathan Drake. But the timing of the release of this "Uncharted" production so close to comic-con, does make us wonder if Fillion really has given up the ghost on still getting cast as Drake. Stephen Lang brought the cigar-chomping Sully to life and Mircea Monroe provided an all too brief glimpse of Elena.

What do you think of the fan-made film? Fillion is as spot-on as advertised as a Drake quipping his way through a brutal beating and video game physics firefight. There was even an Ernie Reyes Jr. sighting as the swoll yet diminutive strongman El Tigre. An Uncharted film project has been stuck in the depths of development hell for years with no recent developments to speak of. Now he's made his own Uncharted fan film.

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If this is anything to go by, we should hand the reigns of the upcoming film over to this pair, who clearly understand the look and feel of the Uncharted universe - and are happy enough to play around in it simply as a passion project.

The company could take the film down, but it might be better off tapping up Ungar and Fillion for its proper full length.

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