Apple puts a new emoji face on its executive team

Apple new emoji

Mobile Image Source Apple Apple shows off new emoji coming to iOS 12 for World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day 2018, similar to each iteration since 2014, is on Tuesday, July 17. These Memoji avatars are a new feature on iOS 12 where you can turn yourself into an Emoji. No longer just a trend for young people, emojis are now regularly used by more than three quarters (77 per cent) of people aged 56 to 64 years old, according to a Greenberg study carried out in 2017.

To present people better, the latest emoji set offers various hair options including red hair, grey hair, curly and even a clean shaven bald emoji.

In the meantime, Google revealed the top ten most frequently used emojis on Gboard - with the LOL and kissing with heart characters leading the pack - and also launched a quirky AR game that lets you hunt for emojis in the real world.

There are also several new animal emoji, such as Parrot, Lobster, Kangaroo and Peacock.

Apple puts a new emoji face on its executive team

World Emoji Day is here, and to celebrate the unofficial holiday, Apple is teasing their consumers with new Emojis.

The new emojis arrive later this year in an iOS update, and include a handful of hairstyles.

Foodies can now illustrate their messages with a mango, lettuce, cupcake or mooncake. Facebook users from the USA and United Kingdom used the "crying while laughing" emoji the most, also known as "joy".

Other emoji additions include male and female superhero emoji, a softball, an infinity symbol, and a nazar amulet.

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