New Scandal Revives Memories of Tainted Chinese-Made Products

New Scandal Revives Memories of Tainted Chinese-Made Products

New Scandal Revives Memories of Tainted Chinese-Made Products

Authorities in China are investigating a drug manufacturer for faulty vaccine production.

In Chinese, the term Changsheng is a play on words meaning "long life". If they do have children, they probably don't get inoculated with these vaccines"-reflecting a public sentiment that Chinese officials get special treatment and are usually protected from such health scares".

"I'm kind of at loss".

Zhou said she was willing to pay for imported products rather than accept those offered for free by the government. "We are anxious about the quality of domestic vaccines", said Yin, who said she had spent HK$5,000 ($640) on the inoculations: PCV13 which protects against pneumococcal bacteria, Japanese encephalitis and the ACWY vaccination to protect against meningitis.

"But this also made me deeply concerned".

"News about the vaccine scandal involving Changchun Changsheng is flooding the Internet with public anger and panic".

Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday described a vaccine safety scandal as "vile" and "shocking" as police opened a criminal investigation into the firm responsible and its management.

China's top anti-corruption agency also said Tuesday it will "severely punish" any local regulatory officials found guilty of dereliction of duty in supervising Changsheng.

Shandong Disease Prevention and Control Center - the agency in charge of public health in a province of about 100 million people - said on Monday that all of the faulty vaccines are now accounted for.

Authorities in Hebei announced separately on Monday that almost 150,000 people in the northern province received a sub-standard diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine made by another firm, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products.

Rabies vaccine produced by Changchun Changsheng.

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It is unclear whether other areas were affected by the rest of Changsheng's supply of the substandard DTap vaccine.

On 15 July, China's State Drug Administration (SDA) announced that Changchun Changsheng had falsified production data during the production of its freeze-dried human rabies vaccine. The President is visiting Africa.

He called for authorities to "scrape the poison off the bone" in their efforts to rectify the vaccine problems.

"Those involved will be resolutely punished with zero tolerance".

"The vaccine case has crossed a moral line, and the nation deserves a clear explanation", Li was quoted as saying in a statement.

The vaccine crisis will undermine attempts by authorities to rebuild the public's trust in Chinese food and medicines after a series of wide-scale controversies in the past decade.

The company is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company expressed its "deepest apology" in a statement. It also fined the company 3.44 million yuan (about $507,809).

The state-run Global Times newspaper questioned in an editorial Monday how suspect vaccines were still being produced following the harsh lessons of the past.

As public outrage over the scandal snowballed this week, political leadership in Beijing, eager to maintain confidence in China's vaccine industry, has responded with sharp condemnation of the firm and calls for swift punishment.

Indeed, the current allegations are being likened to the 2008 milk powder scandal, which saw six babies die and 54,000 hospitalised.

Years later, nearly half of Chinese food-processing plants still failed to meet internationally acceptable standards, according to a 2015 report.

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