Danville Mosquitoes Test Positive For West Nile Virus

It's the first discovery this year of mosquitoes with the virus in Maryland

West Nile Virus Detected In Stanley County Mosquitoes

Kevin Sexton, the Director of the Jefferson County Mosquito Control said they test mosquitos weekly for West Nile virus.

Blood donors carrying the virus are detected and reported more rapidly than human cases, who first have to show symptoms and then see a doctor.

"This drop is due primarily to a drop in the observed mosquito infection rate, down from 2.3 percent of pools positive to 2.1 percent".

Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a teaspoon of water so drain any containers outside your home such as flower pots and children's toys. The State Mosquito Management Program continues to trap and test mosquitoes at three testing sites in Greenwich as part of their program.

The Georgia Department of Public Health says recent heavy rain could be to blame.

So how do you protect yourself from contracting the virus- wear lighter clothes and don't be out from dusk til dawn- this is when you have the highest chance to contract West Nile. Larvicide can help reduce mosquito populations in areas where standing water cannot be eliminated through traditional drainage methods.

Mosquito Control Services of Georgia said it's continuing to monitor all of Glynn County for the presence of West Nile virus and will continue with its normal spraying schedule.

The virus is spread through the bite of a mosquito that had been feeding on an infected bird.

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In Ohio, diseases transmitted by infected mosquitoes most often occur from May through October.

"About 1 out of 150 infected people develop a serious, sometimes fatal, illness", the release states.

Wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers.

Use EPA-registered repellents according to label instructions.

Always wash treated skin when returning indoors.

-Repair or replace broken screens on windows and doors, and avoid using perfumes or colognes.

"In other words, we still recommend mosquito control and warnings to the public when possible". It is suggested that the Department of Health or Conservation be contacted when treatment is considered.

Mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset.

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