Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening this week

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The moon turns red during a lunar eclipse as seen in New Delhi

It will take nearly two hours before the moon returns to normal.

For those who are in the middle East and Madagascar, the Eclipse will occur around midnight, and people in Europe and Africa will have the best view between sunset and midnight. But hey, we just had a pretty spectacular total solar eclipse, so we can't complain.

The good news is that the next total lunar eclipse, scheduled to occur on January 21, 2019, will be visible to all North American residents. A "blood moon" and lunar eclipse are coming Friday! It'll be a lovely four hours there, hanging in our sky, passing above us with high visibility (hopefully) across the whole world - except for North America.

He said: "As the eclipse continues, it will be at peak position at 9.50pm and end at 10.13pm making it 35 minutes long". The blood moon and Mars inversion do not require the aid of special eyewear. The moon will be faintly lit by light that is refracted from the Earth's atmosphere, which gives it a pale reddish colour. The eclipse is being considered because it is going to last for 1 hour and forty minutes; the longest during this century. "The totality itself will last for an hour and 43 minutes".

How To Watch The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century
A partial eclipse will follow this, with a shadow of the Earth slowly retreating across the lunar surface until around 11.20pm. People across the country -weather permitting - will be able to view a rare celestial event called a selenelion this morning.

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Blood moon dazzles star gazers in longest lunar eclipse of 21st century
A sky enthusiast from Chennai, Eashwar Mathur said, "It's going to be fun since it's a blood moon and also the longest eclipse". In another rare event, Mars will appear directly below the moon in the skyline tonight at near maximum brightness.

According to the Islamic principles eclipses, Solar or Lunar, are signs of Allah - the Almighty. Then the Moon will start to gradually come out of Earth's shadow and partial eclipse will end at 3:49 am IST on July 28.

Because of the way the light moves through and bends around our atmosphere and planetary exterior, the light that hits the moon is red. Mars will shine bright in the night sky Mars will add to the spectacle shining brightly below the blood moon as it reaches perihelic opposition - where the Red Planet and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth. It will be a total eclipse. However, Indians might not be lucky because of the ongoing monsoon season in the country which might cause the moon to be blocked from view. The blood moon will be visible to the naked eye providing clouds stay out of the way.

Hundreds of years ago, when people observed the moon during an eclipse, they discovered that the shape of Earth is round.

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