Hepatitis C 83% more prevalent in north India

Hepatitis C 83% more prevalent in north India

Hepatitis C 83% more prevalent in north India

Finally, India is witnessing a reduction in prevalence rates of Hepatitis B. The rates for Hepatitis C are still high, though largely due to increase in IVDU in northern and eastern states.

Globally every year 1.4 million people die from hepatitis, which can be transmitted from the mother to baby, via sexual contact or upon contact with infected blood.

Throughout the day, representatives from NBLCA and Brightpoint Health provided free Hepatitis C and HIV screenings, and information was distributed to the public about liver health. It was in the year 2015 that a group of healthcare professionals took the baton to stem this tide by raising public awareness about common but deadly and silent diseases to contribute to the well being of society at large and GI RENDEZVOUS came into existence.Ever since, the team has been busy trying every bit to sensitise all sections of the society. Hepatitis is a condition relating to inflammation of the liver and is commonly caused due to a viral infection. The survey, as New Age reported on Friday, also shows that 8.5 million people are infected with Hepatitis B virus and 1.5 million others with Hepatitis C virus in Bangladesh.

No jaundice doesn't mean no hepatitis Hepatitis B and C cause cirrhosis and liver cancer, while A and E do not.

"The elimination of viral hepatitis is an individual goal for millions of men, women and children across the world".

"As someone who has been cured of Hepatitis C, I want to encourage everyone to go out and get tested", said Jackie Johnson, an Amida Care member and Bronx resident.

As hepatitis C is a big menace for the country, a recent changein treatment to oral medications have revolutionized the treatment response of hepatitis C. Therefore, prompt diagnosis and treatment can bring about long lasting results.

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On 22 February 2018, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of the hepatitis C field inspections in the remanding 10 governorates, as a part of the Ministry's nation-wide initiative to eliminate the spread of the Hepatitis C by 2022. People who live in areas with poor sanitation are more likely to be infected.

Hepatitis is a liver disease or infection generally characterised by the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissues of liver. Viral hepatitis is a group of viral infections affecting the liver predominantly caused by five kinds of virus based on etiology, which is hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

As with HBV, HCV is spread through direct exposure to blood or bodily fluids. If left untreated, this virus can lead to serious liver damage or even death.

Around 200,000 people in the United Kingdom are thought to be living with chronic HCV, yet challenges in awareness remain a barrier to timely diagnosis and treatment.

According to her, the Hepatitis B vaccine given at birth together with infant vaccination prevents over 95 percent of new infections that lead to liver cancer in later life, while for Hepatitis C, newly available treatment can cure the infection in nearly all patients within 12 weeks.

The WHA is the apex decision-making body of the World Health Organization, which in 2018 focuses on the theme "Test. Treat. Hepatitis".

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