The best photos of the weekend's lunar eclipse and blood moon

Wide preparations for 21st century's longest lunar eclipse

The best photos of the weekend's lunar eclipse and blood moon

Last Friday's sunset eclipse, however, specifically its remarkable Micro Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, was captured from Rio's Botofogo Beach, along with an unusually large crowd of interested onlookers. This is when the moon changes from its traditional white hue to a deep, nearly blood-like red due to the sun's rays being reflected through the planet's atmosphere. Experts expect that the Eclipse will reach the so-called maximum Eclipse at about 6.13 a.m. and will last one hour and two minutes.

Astrologers in space flight Center NASA has calculated the exact date of the next full lunar Eclipse.

"About 3,000 visitors, including students accompanied by their parents, visited the planetarium between 11.54 p.m and 4.58 a.m to view the longest lunar eclipse through telescope", Director of planetarium Pramod G. Galgali told IANS here.

In case the planetarium decides to go ahead with the arrangements, they would set up telescopes through which the general public can view the eclipse.

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The eclipse began at 10:44 pm on Friday night ending at 4:58 am on the wee hours of Saturday.

This is the first Central lunar Eclipse since 2011.

Tens of thousands of devotees thronged temples across at many places in the country after the eclipse on Saturday morning to perform special rituals after cleaning the temple premises.

The National Institute for Astronomical Research announced Wednesday that millions in Egypt and the Arab world will witness a long lunar eclipse next Friday.

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