Google Clock is getting music streaming support - here's how to enable it

Google Clock is getting music streaming support - here's how to enable it

Google Clock is getting music streaming support - here's how to enable it

The new update to the Clock app brings Spotify integration, which lets you choose any song you want as the alarm sound. "This has been a top Spotify user request for years, and we can't wait to see music fans picking their favorite tracks, artists, and playlists to kick-start their day". This new feature for the Clock app is available for both the free Spotify users and the folks who subscribe to Spotify Premium.

Some of you might be wondering if Google's own services like Play Music and YouTube Music have integration with Google Clock or not. Also, check to make sure you have the latest version of the Clock app. Swipe over to that tab, and you can select whichever songs or playlists you'd like to wake up to. Within the Spotify section, people can choose from the music they've recently played with the app. Perhaps Google wanted to test it with Spotify users before it invested the man-hours needed to include its own streaming services.

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After your alarm goes off, you'll then be given the option to keep listening to your music on Spotify.

Before Android phones were a thing, custom alarms were reasonably easy to set up on the erstwhile popular Nokia S40/S60-powered devices. You should also be a user of the Spotify mobile app. Even if you're a loyal Google Play Music or YouTube Music user this is still good news because with Spotify free you won't be left out in the dark. Google has now confirmed that it's going to make feature improvements to YouTube Music every two weeks. Roman said that, in the future, this could be fixed by adding a drop-down menu that'll filter out musicians you've followed on YouTube Music.

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