Only 12 Percent of Android Devices Will Run Fortnite Well

People playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch at E3 2018.                  Josh Miller  CNET

People playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch at E3 2018. Josh Miller CNET

"On open platforms like PC, Mac, and Android, Epic's goal is to bring its games directly to customers". But the bigger reason behind the move could be to do with the 30% revenue cut on the Google Play Store. Their plan appears to be launching exclusively with the Galaxy Note 9, for starters. And while a lot of Android users have probably never done that, the mega popularity of Fortnite means that many folks will probably happily grab the Fortnite Installer to get the game onto their Android phone.

The maker of super-hit Fortnite has snubbed Google by deciding to release the Android version of the video game through its own website rather than the Google Play app store. While Fortnite made its mobile debut on iOS earlier this year, Apple is notoriously more strict about games hosted outside of its official App Store and that's likely why the game took a more traditional route on iOS.

The studio has not yet announced when the game will arrive on Android.

Epic wants to have a "direct relationship" with its users whenever possible, Sweeney said.

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"The 30 percent store tax is a high cost in a world where game developers' 70 percent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games", Sweeney says. Sweeney also said that Epic doesn't want to pay the 30 percent cut of its sales that it would have to give Google if Fortnite were in the Play Store.

Ars was unable to confirm the legitimacy of the image, but XDA's report cites the final sentence, about app installation, by reprinting the source code that it pulled up on Sunday.

It is a virtual certainty that scammer and cybercriminals will use the decision to develop and promote fake versions of the game, in the expectation that unknowing users will download and install their malware. Eventually, the game should be available on other devices, too. The Cupertino company does not allow for installation of apps and games from any other third-party source other than the App Store. Google recommends users stick with Google Play-downloaded apps because they've already done all the security checks users should go through before loading an app. "Why not just make the game available direct to users, instead of having the store get between us and our customers and inject all kinds of cruft like that?" argued Sweeney. Epic's CEO isn't concerned, however, as he states that gamers "have proven able to adopt safe software practices" and, as evidence, states that "gaming has thrived on the open PC platform through many sources".

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