This genius Google Maps location sharing feature just went live

The web interface is more complete

The web interface is more complete

Some might consider this unusual and somewhat of an intrusion on already shaky privacy grounds by Google, while others may love it, as it instills a sense of urgency if something goes awry, and the person needs to be located, plus you will know they went AWOL because their battery died rather than bust your head over more nefarious theories.

Google has announced adding a nifty feature to its Google Maps users that includes the battery level (of the user's phone) in the set of information that they share.

When you share your location with someone in the Google Maps app, it will show up on your friend's map, and they can then use that information to get directions to exactly where you're located.

Allowing others to view the state of charge can help alleviate concerns.

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This is not only a great way to keep an eye on your favourite people when they're out and about, but also serves to let you know when they're on their way home. Should someone's battery be running low and subsequently does not answer a phone call or text, it is likely that their battery died or they switched over to airplane mode to conserve their remaining battery life.

The feature is now rolling out globally to Google Maps for both Android and iOS.

When you zoom all the way out on Google Maps now, instead of displaying a flat Meractor projection of the world - like the kind you often see in atlases, where the world is projected onto a cylinder and adjusted so that all the parallels of latitude have the same length as the equator - you now see a sphere floating in space. The new feature will enable users to see the percentage of battery left on the device. Zenly, a social map app that Snapchat acquired had a battery sharing feature back in 2016. Last month, Google globally rolled out the India-first "two wheeler" feature of Google Maps.

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