Elderly men escape from nursing home for German heavy metal festival

Wacken Germany. Wacken is a village in northern Germany with a population of 1,800 that has hosted the annual festival which attract

Police found the pensioner at the 29th edition of Wacken Open Air

Whether or not that happens will be a different story altogether.

Two elderly men who were reported missing from their nursing home had apparently sneaked out of the facility to rock out a heavy metal music festival in Germany.

Huge crowds enjoy the Wacken Open Air heavy metal music festival.

And my gran can't even stay up past 8:30pm.

Anxious staff at the German nursing home alerted the police after the pair vanished. They weren't happy about leaving and had to be escorted out of the festival grounds in a taxi and patrol auto.

"Both were disoriented and apathetic", Merle Neufeld, a local police spokesman, told NDR broadcaster.

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Sure, it wasn't the outcome they were hoping for, but getting a police escort back to a nursing home is pretty badarse.

The festival was sold out and around 75,000 people are believed to have attended between 1-4 August.

An older visitor of the Wacken Open Air. And potentially getting involved with a mosh pit or two.

This year's festival also featured headlining acts like Judas Priest, Danzig, Converge, Steel Panther, Behemoth, Sepultura, Helloween, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, and Gojira to name but a mere few.

Police praised revelers for decent behavior with little interference needed in relation with minor drug seizures. One thing is for sure, these two elderly gentlemen are GOALS.

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