Becca Kufrin defends controversial 'Bachelorette' victor: 'He didn't mean it'

Becca Kufrin defends controversial 'Bachelorette' victor: 'He didn't mean it'

Becca Kufrin defends controversial 'Bachelorette' victor: 'He didn't mean it'

"It is painful. I have been doing this show since the beginning and I have really never seen anything like this".

In a sneak peek of the season premiere of "Bachelor in Paradise", the two are reunited on the beach in Mexico. So, did it live up to the breathless hype?

After the couple got engaged on Monday's season finale of The Bachelorette, fans couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between Becca and Garrett's ex-wife, Kayla Cunningham.

Becca's family rifles off a series of clichés to prepare her for her final dates before both guys are pressured into proposing to her.

Garrett Yrigoyen may have won Becca Kufrin's heart on "The Bachelorette", but a scandal that broke out while the show was airing had him seriously anxious he'd lose it.

Becca looked over at Garrett expectantly. A good idea in theory, though not ideal for the guys when the questions got personal. Garrett assures Uncle Chuck that Becca knows he has emotions. He basically blamed his ex-wife, saying he was taught not to be a quitter - but shortly after they tied the knot, there was a "big blowout" between her and his family. "I was confused and angry and all the emotions you go through a heartbreak with", she said to "People". But all I could ask for is somebody who owns up to what they've done and who apologizes and wants to grow. Becca gives the Final Rose to the man she gave the First Impression Rose to - just like JoJo, Kaitlyn and Rachel before her.

Eventually, Blake started to freak out in his confessionals. Luckily, I got to know him for who he is.

"For a while I have been in love with Blake", Kufrin revealed. "I think he needs to ask himself that and we'll go from there". "You know, I'll just take the time now - some stuff came out about my social media".

Becca asks if she can walk him out, mostly because he would probably walk directly into the ocean if he didn't have a chaperone. You can imagine this trip could have been very hard for Lauren but she has supported and stood by me in all of this... And there was someone else that she couldn't live without.

Blake instantly fell apart. "I don't know what to say". However, toward the end of the season, Tia admitted to Becca that she still felt she could have a future with Colton. "You were not wrong".

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"I was right there with you".

They jump off the boat and he pulls her violently underwater and I get concerned that he thinks she actually wants to die here.

"I'm very sorry, I didn't meant to hurt anybody's feelings". But the Instagram brouhaha also had the effect of essentially spoiling the season: The amount of immediate blowback from those involved with the show, including a full interview with Becca on the topic and a carefully worded apology from Garrett, suggested he was the season's victor.

"I can't believe this just happened", he said tearfully to the camera.

Okay, Harrison, we'll give that one to you - that was pretty brutal.

Then we saw Blake shaking and crying into a towel and crying and crying some more.

Becca greets Garrett one last time with the officialBachelorette greeting of jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist. "I'm so shook, I'm looking into whether Barbra Steisand is cloning more than dogs".

"I love Becca. I really do".

Chris Harrison has been promising the "most emotional finale" in history, which Blake took as a personal challenge.

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