Dead fetus reportedly found on plane from Charlotte at LaGuardia Airport

Dead fetus found on American Airlines flight out of Charlotte, says airline official | Charlotte Observer

Cleaning crew finds dead baby on American Airlines plane

The incident reportedly occurred on American Airlines flight 1942, which departed Charlotte, North Carolina, Monday night and arrived a couple of hours later in NY. After arriving in NY late Monday, the plane had been parked in a hangar overnight, and the fetus went undiscovered.

The American Airlines' jet had originated in Charlotte and had been parked in a hangar when the foetus was discovered early on Tuesday morning, the station said.

It's estimated that the fetus was between five and six months old.

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LaGuardia officials acknowledged the discovery on Tuesday morning, and warned customers that flights could be delayed "due to an out of service aircraft".

"Please contact law enforcement or the medical examiner's office for additional information", American Airlines said in a statement. The investigation caused a ripple effect of delays to at least one other American Airlines flight.

MailOnline reported that AA, Port Authority Police and Queens District Attorney's Office are now working together to investigate what happened to the fetus.

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