USA woman pays for Keith Urban's snacks

USA woman pays for Keith Urban's snacks

USA woman pays for Keith Urban's snacks

"We decided when we saw military people we would treat them at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts or whatever", she said.

Do people tell you that you look like Keith Urban?'. When the customer in front of her Friday at Wawa was having an issue at the register, she jumped at the opportunity to help.

Reed told CBS Philly she thought he looked familiar but did not immediately recognize him.

When she remarked that he looked like Keith Urban, he said he was.

Ruth Reed was trying to do a good deed when she offered to help a man pay at a Wawa who didn't have enough money.

She says, "It was then I realised what an idiot I was".

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The singer thanked Reed and said his name was Keith, prompting Reed to comment on his resemblance to Keith Urban.

"He said, 'That's my sister; we can ask her, '" Reed said. It turns out he was a country music superstar.

Reed says she hopes her story will help people realize the importance of doing acts of kindness. Even thought it was Urban, Reed says she thought he was just a lookalike since he was with a woman other than Oscar-winning wife Nicole Kidman.

"And I just fell apart, fell apart and he was gracious", Reed said.

Urban, who was in the area for his concert in Camden, popped up at the convenience store and a customer managed to grab a selfie with him and loan him a few bucks.

"And he really could have said 'Lady get away from me, ' and he didn't, he was very kind". Still, she managed to snap a photo with Urban.

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