Discord is Opening Its Own Digital Game Store

Discord is Opening Its Own Digital Game Store

Discord is Opening Its Own Digital Game Store

Rather than Steam with its sprawling, messy storefront, The Discord Store will be a more targeted endeavor: the company affirms it'll be like a "cozy book shop" instead of, say, a rambling department store. "We think this kind of cozy neighborhood bookshop vibe would be great for games. It reduces clutter and makes it easier to find what you want", Discord explains.

The beta will expand slowly, adding new users eventually both in and outside of Canada, with the ultimate goal of launching the store later in the year. Now, Discord is going to be taking on Valve in another form, with the chat client set to get its own games store.

As Variety reports, the client will also be getting a universal game launcher with which players will be able to launch ANY game via the client itself.

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"We now have 150 million users, so timing felt right". Discord's digital shop will forgo the "anything goes approach" and focus on offering products that the company believes people will enjoy. That's a massive audience of potential paying customers, and today Discord announced plans to launch a new service that is sure to excite many of them. Games from indie publishers will also be sold through the platform. The time period will usually last for 90 days before developers are allowed to sell their games on whatever platforms they want.

The Store is pretty simplistic for now - there doesn't appear to be a way to search for games or organize them by category - and its current content line-up seems to be limited to indie titles. We don't yet know when the Discord Store and its associated features will release in full, but the beta testing will likely help that news get figured out sooner. Although these games have won rave reviews from critics, they also aren't huge "triple-A titles". Those in the beta will have an updated version of Nitro, which will include a selection of curated games for its Nitro subscribers. Discord Nitro is Discord's premium service, and as of the introduction for this store, it will now provide gamers with select titles to play at no additional cost.

"We're excited to offer you the opportunity to catch up with wonderful game experiences you might've missed and even mix up what you play with your friends from time to time", the company said.

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