Solar eclipse will be visible in southern China on Saturday

Solar eclipse will be visible in southern China on Saturday

Solar eclipse will be visible in southern China on Saturday

Eastern Time and move over the northeastern edges of Canada, including parts of Nunavut, before reaching Greenland, Iceland and the northern parts of Europe, Russia and China.

As noticed, in 2018, sky watchers in the few selected locations on Earth did have three opportunities to observe a solar eclipse. "In older times, people did not know why the Sun went dark (during an eclipse)". As we have already mentioned this partial solar eclipse occurring on 11 August 2018 will not be observed in India.

The Greeks believed that a solar eclipse was a sign of angry gods and could portend natural disasters.

In 2018, the first eclipse was the super blue blood moon on January 31 followed by a partial solar eclipse on the February 15.

This time Solar Eclipse will start from 1:30 in the afternoon of the Indian time and ends at 5 pm. It will also be a supermoon. This phenomenon called partial solar eclipse, will result in the Sun being visible as a disk with a hollow centre.

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It is suggested by several Ayurvedic experts to perform various religious activities like taking baths in sacred rivers and performing charitable acts during solar eclipse. In case of a total lunar eclipse, Earth comes between the Sun and Moon's path, and blocks sunlight from reaching the satellite.

The partial solar eclipse is expected to take place during early hours of August 11, but only some parts of the planet will be able to witness it.

Partial solar eclipse is said to occur on August 11, 2018.

This is caused by retinal burns which occur when the powerful rays of the Sun damage cells in the back of the eye. Unlike solar eclipses, a lunar eclipse often lasts much longer, and are less rare because they can be seen by everyone on the side of Earth where it's night, while only those within the radius of the moon's shadow on Earth can see a solar eclipse. Now a solar Eclipse is more of a Grand free show which people organize the universe itself. "The last partially visible solar eclipse across India was way back in March 2016", he said.

Svalbard, the Norwegian island will be the best place where you can see the eclipse. The peak of the eclipse will be at 9.46am UT. People from many countries like North America, North Western Asia, South Korea, Moscow, and China will be able to see it. Protection glasses especially made for protection for eyes during solar eclipse should be used.

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