Google soon may add support for Windows 10 to Chromebooks


Google soon may add support for Windows 10 to Chromebooks

Even if you have a Pixelbook with 16GB storage, you will need more storage to be able to dual-boot into Windows 10.

According to a report from XDA Developers, Google is working on a project called "Campfire" which would give Chromebook owners the ability to dual-boot Windows 10 on their machine. A manufacturer Windows license is generally cheaper, but Chromebooks tend to undercut Windows laptops on price, and having Windows pre-installed would certainly raise the cost of a Chrome OS device somewhat.

The fresh findings cite multiple mentions of different variants of Campfire, indicating that dual-booting is destined for multiple Chromebooks.

Xda-developers also report that the Pixelbook won't be the only Campfire-enabled Chromebook, but don't have information on which other devices may get the capability. While the report doesn't say anything about processor requirements, most ARM-based Chromebooks won't work with Windows 10.

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Chromebooks could be getting a huge feature in the coming months.

Older Chromebooks like the 2013 Acer C720 only have 16GB of storage and were never created to hold that much onboard memory. But past year, Google introduced a higher-end model, called the Pixelbook. A few other Chromebook models feature 64GB or 128 GB of storage, or have an SD card slot for expanded memory.

The system requirements for dual booting Chrome OS and Windows 10 would seemingly be 40GB of internal storage, along with an Intel processor or a Snapdragon 835. But if the Campfire feature is real, it'll make the company's products easier to adapt to business environments where Windows continues to dominate.

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