Nvidia Reveals Turing Architecture, Teases GPU Reveal At Gamescom

Nvidia Reveals Turing Architecture, Teases GPU Reveal At Gamescom

Nvidia Reveals Turing Architecture, Teases GPU Reveal At Gamescom

Despite the card remaining hidden behind the ambiguous title of "NVIDIA Graphics Device", this is speculated to be the RTX 2080, as nothing now on the market outshines Nvidia's Volta architecture found within the TITAN V. The new Turing architecture is focused on real time ray tracing using Nvidia's RTX and RT core technology.

With the RTX 5000 starting at $2,300 and the RTX 8000 hitting an estimated retail price of $10,000, don't go expecting to find them in any affordable workstations any time soon. "Hybrid rendering will change the industry, opening up wonderful possibilities that enhance our lives with more lovely designs, richer entertainment and more interactive experiences".

In an example of what Turing can do, Huang re-demoed the Reflection's Star Wars Unreal Engine real-time ray tracing demo first shown in March.

To help developers take full advantage of these capabilities, NVIDIA has enhanced its RTX development platform with new AI, ray-tracing and simulation SDKs. "NVIDIA is delivering real-time ray-tracing five years before we had thought possible".

"Cinesite is proud to partner with Autodesk and NVIDIA to bring Arnold to the GPU, but we never expected to see results this dramatic", said Michele Sciolette, CTO of Cinesite.

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Just like we saw in the Volta-based Quadro GV100, these new Quadro RTX cards will also feature Tensor Cores for deep learning acceleration.

Nvidia's positioning of the card as the 'world's first ray tracing GPU, ' though, isn't strictly speaking true: Caustic Graphics, acquired by Imagination Technologies in late 2010, announced its first ray tracing accelerator card, the CausticOne, in 2009, while 2013's Caustic R2500 increased the performance to fully real-time levels in common; rival Siliconarts, meanwhile, released its RayCore real-time ray tracing intellectual property (IP) in 2011.

In addition to the RT Cores and Tensor Units, Turing also features an all-new design for the tradition Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) GPU units.

NVIDIA claims these changes combined with the up to 4,608 available CUDA cores in the highest configuration will enable up to 16 TFLOPS and 16 trillion integer operations per second.

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