Apple Watch Series 4 Could Go All-in on LTE

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 last year at its September event.                  CNET

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 last year at its September event. CNET

It's suggested that Apple may drop the ceramic models this year, explaining why only six models are listed with the EEC.

The model numbers were discovered by French Apple site Consomac, the source of similar reports in the past, which looked at recent Apple documentation filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The filings are required for encrypted devices sold in several Eastern European countries, including Russian Federation.

The A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007 and A2008 models, however, are completely new, and this is undoubtedly the range of Apple Watch Series 4.

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Rumours suggest that Apple is working on new Apple Watch models with larger screens, better health sensors, and longer battery life.

Apple may be releasing six new Apple Watch Series 4 models at the company's upcoming iOS September event, and could be going all-in on LTE.

What's surprising about Apple's filings is that we're only looking at six model numbers instead of the expected eight. Currently, Series 3 Apple Watches come in eight different versions, so the variety appears to be reduced. We already know that Apple offers its smartwatches in two sizes and does offer LTE and non LTE options.

The Eurasian filings basically confirm that Apple is planning to launch new Apple Watch models next month. Apple has yet to issue invitations to the media though, so the date isn't confirmed.

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