Dramatic video shows Florida deputy saving girl trapped in hot car

Incredible moment hero cop rescues girl 3 from hot car after ???drunk??? mum locked her in overnight

This is the moment the policeman saved the girl’s life

When Dunn arrived, he saw the auto, a 2005 Toyota Corolla, with the windows rolled up.

At 6:29, he begins driving and continues talking to her so she'll remain conscious.

Body camera footage taken the following morning shows Deputy Bill Dunn removing the toddler from the sweltering vehicle.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office Deputy Bill Dunn noticed the child locked in the sweltering auto on Father's Day this year. "I felt for a pulse, I didn't feel a pulse", he said to Fox 13.

The deputy rushed her into his cruiser, turned on the air conditioning and started heading towards the nearest hospital. Dash cam video and audio show Dunn trying to speak life into the unconscious child. Talk to me! You're OK'. "You're OK", he said. Bill Dunn did everything I could, and it saved her life.

"I remember one thing distinctively", he said. "That was a good thing".

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There have already been 35 child hot vehicle deaths in 2018, according to NoHeatStroke.org, a project by Jan Null at San Jose State University's Department of Meteorology and Climate Science.

The girl's mother, 33-year-old Casey Dyan Keller, was arrested and faces charges of child neglect with great bodily harm. She was booked into Seminole County jail on $15,000 bond. The Daily Mail reports that the mother of the child went into a liquor store on June 16 and left the child in the vehicle.

The child had been left after she had gone for a journey to the booze shop with her mother the day before. "She called 911 the next morning claiming that someone stole her auto with the child inside", Fox 13 News reported.

"My baby's missing", Keller says in a 911 call obtained by ABC News. So I took her out of the vehicle seat and she was just limp.

Police said Keller made up the story about the vehicle being stolen.

That girl was able to recover and Deputy Dunn was able to meet the girl and her family.

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