Logitech Launches MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech Launches MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Interestingly, despite the focus on ergonomics, Logitech has chosen to release the MX Vertical only in a right-handed model.

The Logitech MX Vertical is, as the name suggests, a vertical mouse, meaning that you use it in a handshake position - rather than having your hand rest on the top of the mouse - and that helps to reduce the strain on your forearm and wrist.

Unlike the original MX Master, the MX Vertical comes with sensitivity options of up to 4,000 DPI.

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MX VERTICAL is priced at $99.99 and expected to be available at select retail stores in September, with pre-orders available on Logitech website, beginning August 20. Today, Logitech is taking a huge step forward with the new MX Vertical. The cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor with the touch of a button. There is also fast charging support that enables three house of use on a quick one-minute charge. Logitech was inspired by statistics shared by Forrester, which notes that over half (57 percent) of computer users experience pain and discomfort when using their PC, and 12 percent are uncomfortable on a daily basis. It might look far from your standard mouse, but the company says it was designed with ergonomic experts to reduce forearm strain and wrist pressure.

Available in any color you want, so long as that color is black, the MX Vertical has been created to eliminate wrist pain by enabling you to use it with what Logitech says is "a natural handshake position". The mouse also works with Logitech Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow to let you seamlessly switch between two computers and perform tasks such as copy and paste content, images, and documents between them.

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