Trump says newspapers are in 'collusion' on championing a free press

Coordinated editorial push accuses Mr Trump of carrying out a 'sustained assault on the free press'

Coordinated editorial push accuses Mr Trump of carrying out a 'sustained assault on the free press'

"It is very bad for our Great Country.BUT WE ARE WINNING!" he wrote.

The Boston Globe had launched the initiative, calling for editorial boards to take a stand against Trump's "dirty war", as Globe deputy managing editor Marjorie Pritchard has described it. "To convince the public at large that journalists are 'enemies of the people.' That is a very unsafe phrase - echoes of totalitarian regimes of the past", said Rather. This is one of the many lies that have been thrown out by this president, much like an old-time charlatan threw out "magic" dust or water on a hopeful crowd. "He is, perhaps, the most blatant and relentless about it". There is a December 2016 New York Times column that predicted that Trump might attack the news media because that's what his predecessor's administration did, by spying on journalists and issuing subpoenas against reporters to get them to reveal their sources. They also published excerpts from the editorials of smaller publications. The account forced the county to change how it treats mentally ill prisoners.

The initial positive response from 100 news organisations grew closer to 350 with major USA national newspapers and smaller local outlets answering the call, along with worldwide publications like the United Kingdom newspaper, the Guardian.

This is not just about elected officials or government employees.

Still, newsrooms are trying to convince them otherwise. He often provokes public during his rallies to denounce media as "fake news". "That's real news, and it's coming to you from real journalists".

Neither did the Los Angeles Times.

The former White House press secretary under former President George W. Bush pointed out the blatant hypocrisy in a coordinated effort by hundreds of newspapers to publish anti-Trump editorials, according to The Hill.

The poll asked respondents if they were concerned that the president's attacks would lead to violence against people who work in media. The idea of joining together to protest him seems nearly to encourage that kind of conspiracy thinking by the president and his loyalists. Their goal is to serve you, the reader, and they need your support, not derision.

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For his part, the president answered the media using his favorite unfiltered platform, Twitter, where he allows readers to bash him quite freely.

The New York Times, one of the most frequent targets of Trump's criticism, ran a short, seven-paragraph editorial under a giant headline with all capital letters that read "A FREE PRESS NEEDS YOU" and with the statement that it is only right for people to criticize the press, say, for getting something wrong.

Other newspapers joining the campaign said Trump's attacks diminish the importance of journalists in their communities.

Mr Freeman wrote that the president has the right to free speech as much as his media adversaries.

"For more than two centuries - since the birth of our nation - the press has served as a check on power, informing the American people about corruption and greed, triumphs and tragedies, grave mistakes and misdeeds and even ineptitude and dysfunction", wrote the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico.

Which is precisely the point.

"What is going on is extraordinary pressure against news media and against individual journalist in a way that we've not seen before", the professor said.

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