Twitch Drops Ad-Free Viewing for Prime Members

Amazon Prime login How to login to Amazon Prime and watch Amazon Prime video and movies

Amazon Prime login How to login to Amazon Prime and watch Amazon Prime video and movies

Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will continue to get ad-free viewing until October 15; those who already have an annual subscription (or those who upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14) will continue with ad-free viewing until their next renewal date. And with your Twitch Prime membership you can still take advantage of all the other Amazon Prime benefits, like free two-day shipping and access to Prime Video and Prime Music¹. Twitch Prime has been offering their customers ad-free viewing, but all that is about to change.

Some of Twitch Turbo's icons, with its special smiley face flipped in light of today's Twitch Prime news.

The 20 percent discount is valid on all pre-orders placed through August 27, giving gamers just one week to take advantage of the benefit before it is cut.

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This comes as Twitch - which lets gamers record and share in-game videos - realizes that advertising is "an important source of support for creators", according to the company's blog post. There is a benefit to this new offer.

Now it's just a matter of seeing how much these changes will affect Amazon Prime's membership count.

However, the Twitch Prime program offers one free subscription to a Twitch channel, so users can still get ad-free viewing on a single channel if that creator has enabled that feature. If you already have an annual subscription, or if you upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14, you will continue with ad-free viewing until your next renewal date. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut. Instead, they can get a $10 store credit, but only if they pre-order from a select list of games - and they'll have to wait up to 35 days to get their discount code. All eligible pre-orders placed before August 28 will still receive the 20 percent discount under the existing benefit once the game is released. Once you get that credit, you can use it on nearly anything that Amazon sells, not just games.

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