Boyd Holbrook Backs Olivia Munn Amid ‘Predator’ Sex Offender Concerns

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Olivia Munn attends the Creative Coalition 2018 Spotlight Initiative Gala Awards Dinner

Hours before the fourth installment in the franchise premiered, Twentieth Century Fox revealed The Predator underwent a last-minute edit to remove a scene featuring a registered sex offender, 47-year-old former Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place actor Steven Wilder Striegel. A Fox spokesperson told the Times that studios can't run background checks because of legal limitations. Striegel and Black are longtime friends and Black, in a public apology, said he had simply wanted to help him out but that his actions, he realized, were misjudged.

Let's hope that Munn's courageous stand will not lead to her being blacklisted, but rather for the outrage to generate meaningful and lasting change.

Striegel is a registered sex offender and Munn told Fox Studio about his status, leading to their scene winding up on the cutting room floor.

For one, on Saturday night, the 38-year-old actress was honored at the Creative Coalition's Spotlight Awards Dinner in Toronto where - while choking back tears - she opened up even more about what it was like to feel shunned from her cast just for bringing to light a disturbing practice by the director Black. There are two main issues as far as I see it.

According to Munn, much of the cold-shouldering came from director Shane Black, who has, allegedly, not spoken to her since the scene was deleted. He was not in attendance at the film festival and apologized to Munn and acknowledged that she felt isolated during the entire ordeal - and that she shouldn't be going through it alone. Sterling K. Brown has publicly stood up for Munn, while Keegan Michael Key explained he wasn't able to attend the junket due to travel plans.

This image released by 20th Century Fox shows Olivia Munn left and Jacob Tremblay in a scene from The Predator
This image released by 20th Century Fox shows Olivia Munn left and Jacob Tremblay in a scene from The Predator

The movie's other stars continue to be called out on social media, with many finding Rhodes's comment that he "wasn't disappointed in Shane [Black}, I was disappointed in the situation, and I'm happy that Liv spoke up" to be underwhelming. "You did the right thing", he tweeted.

"I now realise that my understanding of the situation was not the full picture and the last thing I want is for Olivia to ever feel abandoned or alone. It would make everyone breathe easier", she tweeted Thursday.

She also mentioned the #MeToo movement, saying that it's not only abusers that are in the wrong, but also the people who know about abuse and don't do anything about it are also abusing their positions of power.

'I believe strongly in giving people second chances - but sometimes you discover that chance is not as warranted as you may have hoped. If it costs one person's life, they can take it.

Key's representative responded to the controversy in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday, defending the actor's absence from the discussion with Munn and Tremblay: "His last interview was scheduled after lunch, which he completed".

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