Why Apple Products Are at Risk to Skyrocket in Price

President Donald Trump wants Apple to make iPhones in the US instead of China

SUSAN WALSH AP President Donald Trump wants Apple to make iPhones in the US instead of China

"It would not be profitable to build the Focus Active in the USA given an expected annual sales volume of fewer than 50,000 units and its competitive segment".

President Donald Trump's proposed $200 billion tariff on Chinese-made goods won't make your next iPhone more expensive, but it might hit the Apple Watch, Pencil, and Air Pods, according to Apple. CNBC. This is just the beginning.

China's government says it will retaliate if Washington goes ahead with more tariff increases following President Donald Trump's comment that he was considering extending penalties to more Chinese imports.

A tweet from the Oval Office on Sunday wasn't enough to convince Ford Motor Company to build a new compact crossover SUV version of its Focus in the U.S.

Chinese officials prepare the flags for the China-U.S. bilateral meeting at the G20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany July 8, 2017.

And, according to BOA Merrill Lynch analyst Wamsi Mohan, Apple may just give in to the president's request by asking its partners to bring some iPhone assembly operations into the US, which will lead to higher prices.

It's not just money that's stopping Apple from building factories in the US
SIMON MAUDE STUFF It's not just money that's stopping Apple from building factories in the US

Ford in April made the shock announcement that by 2020 the only passenger cars in its lineup will be the Mustang and the Focus Active soft-roader based on the recently redesigned fourth-generation Focus.

Ford, BMW, Mercedes and others export about 250,000 vehicles to China from the US each year, Dziczek said.

Auto industry analyst Ed Kim told the Guardian that Trump's tariffs have, effectively, ruined Ford's plan for the Focus.

"Every $1bn of demand destruction could impact earnings by ~0.05", the BofA report said, adding that manufacturing in the U.S.

For the Focus Active, the tariffs on Chinese vehicles changed everything. Recently though, the Trump administration, as a part of its trade war with China chose to impose a heavy 25 per cent tariff on all cars imported from China.

The world's two biggest economies are clashing over US allegations that China deploys predatory tactics - including outright cybertheft - to acquire technology from USA companies and challenge American technological dominance.

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