Donald Trump Jr. says he "fixed" Kaepernick Nike ad

Speaking out'My father is 81 and he can look at me and say he's not offended by it because he understands then how can I who didn't do that service be offended? the star said

Donald Trump Jr. says he "fixed" Kaepernick Nike ad

Morris's comments came during a sermon titled "The Storms of Life".

The Effect on the NFL Seems Small, For Now: Forty percent of consumers said Nike's campaign does not make them more or less likely to watch/attend NFL games - 21 percent said more likely and 26 percent said less likely (14 percent didn't know).

Morris opened his discussion about Nike by saying that, "Some of our values are being strained".

In a memo sent last Wednesday, the mayor of Kenner wrote to Chad Pitfield, the director of the city's recreation department, instructing him to not buy any Nike products.

After the pastor states he will no longer be wearing Nike jogging shoes, he pulls a white Nike "wristband (s)" and red "headband (s)" out of his pocket.

To help the congregation understand his action.

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A Nike Ad featuring American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick is on diplay September 8, 2018 in New York City.

No Giants knelt during the anthem during Sunday's loss to the Jaguars.

President Trump fanned the flames of the controversy a year ago during a campaign speech for then Alabama Senator Luther Strange. "Because I do believe that there needs to be more organization between the players and the ownership ..."

"Speak for Yourself" host Jason Whitlock on the controversy over Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad. "Nobody knows and nobody's telling how many multi-million dollars that is going to be simply because he does not want to stand when the national anthem is sung". The congregation responded with a standing ovation. "I think I would have", said Strahan (he retired in 2007).

Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University, told USA Today they are looking at their relationship with Nike. Nike's stock had closed at $82.20 the day before it revealed Kaepernick's role in a campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its iconic "Just Do It" slogan.

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