Man arrested for eating breakfast with woman

Arrested The Egyptian man seen right was arrested after this video went viral in Saudi Arabia

Arrested The Egyptian man seen right was arrested after this video went viral in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for women to be in public with a man who is not a close relative. The video shows the woman, who is wearing a full niqab, picks up a piece of food and puts it in his mouth.

At the end of the video, the woman appears to feed the man, which has caused the most controversy. In the 30-second video posted on Twitter, the man jokes about eating breakfast together with nobody else there.

"The labour ministry arrested an expatriate in Jeddah after he appeared in an offensive video", the ministry said.

Over the past year, Saudi Arabia opened its first cinema in decades and loosened several morality laws that discriminate against women, including its notorious rules requiring that women have a male guardian's permission to travel, receive an education and sometimes work and receive healthcare.

The ministry talked about the resort proprietor had been summoned for failing to adhere to authorities regulations that stipulate a gender-segregated workplace.

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The arrest has ignited a cutural war between Egyptians and Saudi Arabians. In a few hours the hashtag "Egyptian man having breakfast with a Saudi woman" received over 55 thousand tweets and has become an element of heated debate among users.

Some even said the woman should have been arrested too. "Laughter, eating at the workplace. where are your limits?"

Another Twitter user, Hammoud Alduhayian, said: "Developing jobs for Saudi women among foreigners is considered an explicit breakdown of customs, traditions, and values".

Saudi authorities arrested an Egyptian employee of the hotel, which has published a video where he had Breakfast with his employee.

Under his helm, Saudi Arabia in June ended a long-standing ban on women driving and launched a number of projects aimed at attracting tourists. "As for the offensive man, he should leave on the next airplane", another user wrote. Because he was Egyptian and she was Saudi.

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