Alan Wake is being adapted for TV

Alan Wake TV Series Put Into Development With Peter Calloway Sam Lake

Alan Wake is being adapted for TV

From Sonic the Hedgehog to Double Dragon, video game franchises have been gaining mainstream traction with the help of movie and television adaptations.

"I think it's important to embrace those characters and to bring Alan Wake to where he was [in the video game, ]" said Harlan.

Variety reports that Cloak & Dagger and Legion writer Peter Calloway will now helm an adaptation of Remedy's 2010 Xbox 360/PC exclusive, with backing from the game studio, Contradiction Films, and Alan Wake writer Sam Lake.

Alan Wake wanted to be a TV show nearly as much as it wanted to be a creepy, ghost-laden horror game. "That was Sam [Lake's] vision". It was influenced by The Twilight Zone, 'Secret Window, Hitchcock, Northern Exposure, a lot of US television'. So, whether the title can outgrow its own influences is another hurdle Calloway will have to leap over. According to Harlan, he plans to pitch the show in October. Sam is a huge part of this. Regardless of when it arrives (assuming it's picked up), having Sam Lake so intrinsically tied to the series gives me hope that this could turn out to be a great video game adaptation, unlike numerous others that we've seen in TV and film over the years.

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"The story of the original game is our starting point, the seed which will grow into the bigger story we're exploring in the show", Lake told Variety. "We'll be expanding the lore of this insane and dark universe and diving deeper into certain aspects of it than the game ever did".

While players might be sad to learn that there is now no news of more Alan Wake games, they can still look forward to seeing elements of some of what was planned for the sequel in the series. Still, he hopes to "make it happen when the time is right", which publisher Microsoft has never felt it was.

No word yet when or where you'll be able to catch the Alan Wake series, as the show is still being shopped around. Like Sam Lake, he also still wants an Alan Wake 2 game.

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