Dr Disrespect’s house hit by gunfire, family safe

Dr DisRespect Ends Call of Duty Stream After Shots Fired at His Home

Dr. Disrespect Livestream Captures Shots Fired Into Home

Broke the f-ing upstairs window.

DisRespect is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University-Pomona and is a former multiplayer level designer for Call of Duty. He is best known for streaming battle royale games, and for sharing details of his marital troubles on his stream.

36 year-old Beahm has around 2.5 million followers on Twitch, and won the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards in 2017. "You pussy! I gotta stop the stream".

"I gotta end the broadcast right now", Beahm says.

"Following this, he was profiled by ESPN and was described as "a WWE character in the competitive gaming world" and his black wig, sunglasses and oversized mustache commented upon, as well as his being 6' 8".

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See video of the stream right here.

Beahm then issued a statement to the shooter, shouting, "You're driving by, right?" "The Doc and family appreciate everyone's concerns and well wishes", the representative wrote.

He also said it was the second time in as many days that someone had shot at/outside his home in Encinitas, all but confirming it was a targeted attack specifically because of Dr DisRespect's online persona. The fan's kind words seemed to take Dr. Disrespect by surprise, bringing him to tears on the Twitch stream. The situation is being handled appropriately.

Reportedly, a bullet went straight through the window of his house, but thankfully no one was hurt. In the meantime, stream will resume tomorrow according to schedule.#FirmHandshakes'.

Video games are already under scrutiny after the Jacksonville Shooting but to make matters worse, it seems some salty gamer has opened fire at Dr Disrespect's house during a live stream.

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