Flu Season Is Here And So Are The Vaccines

Flu Strains and Shot Recommendations

Flu Strains and Shot Recommendations

There were record-breaking hospitalizations for the flu in metro Atlanta last flu season - more than 3,000 hospitalizations. The number of people hospitalized with flu symptoms topped 700,000 last season, CNBC reported. People who get the flu after getting the vaccine were likely infected before or directly after receiving the vaccine.

Hint: It's earlier than you think.

Colorized transmission electron micrograph showing H1N1 influenza virus particles.

Baber says it's recommended for everyone to get their flu shots by the end of October. Those at greater risk include anyone with certain chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, those working in the healthcare industry, and those living with or in close contact with high risk individuals or children less than six months of age.

Vaccine skeptics may say they have a point after Nova Scotia's last flu season.

"The decision to have your child vaccinated against flu is yours of course, but we would like you to be fully informed of the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision once again this year". Around three or four types of influenza viral strains are targeted with the vaccine.

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As the next flu season approaches Nova Scotia, Strang will continue to monitor the Southern Hemisphere's current mild flu season as it moves west to east for indications of what's to come. Once you get the flu vaccine, it can take two weeks for the antibodies to develop in your body. Children who need two doses of a flu shot need to start even sooner, because the doses must be given at least two weeks apart.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) summary of the 2017-2018 flu season described it as a high severity season with high levels of outpatient and emergency department visits related to influenza-like illnesses. But another season is also arriving soon and it's time to prepare says an Oneida County Community Health Specialist.

The push is on to remind people to get their flu shot but a nurse says doctors are being pushed to do so for a vaccine that is not very effective. But what about the nasal spray? The gender-based difference in vaccine effectiveness gap was most obvious among older adults (potentially because of age-related immune system changes or immunosenescence) and prepubescent children.

"The AAP has expressed a preference for inactivated influenza vaccine [the shot] as the primary choice for all children because, even though the new formulation of [the nasal spray] looks to be better in some ways, the effectiveness of the [nasal spray] is unknown against A/H1N1 for this upcoming season", statement co-author Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., chief of the pediatric infectious disease section at Children's Mercy Kansas City and professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, told Self.

The story went on to state that 80 percent did not get a vaccine.

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