Majority of voters oppose impeachment, support House Democrats on generic ballot

Donald Trump

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The shift is particularly acute in the US Midwest, where Democrats have enjoyed a 13-point swing in their direction since July, according to the poll. The highest drop was noted in the CNN survey, which showed a six-point drop from its previous rating of 42 percent.

The new numbers from the eight polls mark the president's lowest approval rating in six months.

The CNN poll released on Monday showed that only 32 percent of respondents believed that Trump was "honest and trustworthy".

Instead, the president is repeatedly muddling that message with easily debunked falsehoods or hyperbole about the state of the economy while pressing on with unpopular trade wars that frustrate establishment Republicans and business groups anxious about price increases.

The American voters, by a 56 to 36 per cent margin, said they didn't want Congress to take action against the president, a Quinnipiac University National Poll found. The poll finds that 50 percent of voters would cast their ballot for a Democrat, while only 38 percent would vote for a GOP candidate in their district.

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Trump has an approval rating of 84 percent and 82 percent among Republicans, according to the Quinnipiac and CNN poll respectively, showing that his support within the party remains strong.

The president's party often gets clobbered in midterm election years. That was an improvement compared to the 54, 53 and 52 percent results from three polls in January and December. In August, Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on charges of financial fraud. Watergate reporter Bob Woodward published a book recently that depicted the current chaos in the White House as well.

Trump's overall popularity breaks down along lines of partisanship, ethnicity and gender, according to the poll.

This year, though, the "negative toward both parties" group favors Democrats.

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