US to take longer to mull Sprint merger with T

FCC pauses 180-day shot clock on its review of T-Mobile-Sprint merger

T-Mobile Sprint merger review delayed by FCC

Referring to an "informal shot clock" of 180 days in which to assess the pros and cons of T-Mobile US and Sprint permanently hooking up, the FCC announced in a letter that it is being paused. "Beyond frequent time is valuable to enable for thorough group and zero.33-social gathering assessment of newly submitted and anticipated modeling relied on by the Candidates", acknowledged the letter, signed by David B. Lawrence, head of the T-Mobile/Lunge Transaction Project Force, and Donald Stockdale Chief of the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. But what is clear is that the FCC review process is going to take even longer, drawing out the merger approval process well into the latter half of the year and into 2019.

The third- and fourth-largest mobile carriers in the U.S agreed in April to merge in a$26 billion deal and were given a 180-day period by the FCC for the merger to be reviewed.

If the two are allowed to merge, the number of wireless providers in the United States would drop from four to three with the new company competing against Verizon and CNN parent company AT&T.

The merger is also under review by the US Department of Justice.

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First is on September 5th, T-Mobile and Sprint submitted a "substantially revised network engineering model" that completed the previously-submitted model.

The two companies have complementary spectrum holdings that would help it rollout a robust 5G network, which would spur increased investment and deployment by its larger competitors, T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint executive chairman Marcelo Claure told senators in June. This new economic modeling will also require additional time for review.

We appreciate that the FCC is taking the time necessary to fully understand the merits of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. The FCC says that it didn't get Build 9 until September 5th.

T-Mobile is one of the biggest earners for its parent Deutsche Telekom of Germany.

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