YouTube launches new gaming section and scraps YouTube Gaming app

YouTube launches new gaming section and scraps YouTube Gaming app

YouTube launches new gaming section and scraps YouTube Gaming app

It also shows you videos from subscribed gaming channels, and allows you to set reminders for upcoming livestreams on your Google Calendar.

The new hub for YouTube gaming content will be at

In an effort to help those who are new to content creation, YouTube is also creating a dedicated On the Rise section. "With tens of thousands of different game pages, you'll be able to find content no matter how big or small the game is", wrote Chen.

He even directly credits Twitch with some inspiration, saying, "Twitch does a really good job with game discoverability". It features personalized content based on the games you like to watch, as well as a mix of the latest videos from your favorite creators and streams from those who are live at that given moment.

YouTube launches new gaming section and scraps YouTube Gaming app

So many of these users are just using YouTube and the regular YouTube experience. Instead, the feature set from YouTube Gaming will now be accessible through a new portal within the main YouTube website. You'd have some people that funneled through into the gaming app, or the gaming destination, but we were finding we still weren't touching many people daily.

The retirement of the YouTube Gaming app is likely a move by Google to better compete with rival services like Amazon-owned Twitch. It's bringing those features over to the main site along with the rest of Gaming. You can visit the site now to see what it looks like.

The Gaming portal today launched in the USA, and it's rolling out to other countries in the coming weeks. Whether they were Let's Plays of games that were out of our reach, guides on how to complete quests or boss battles, or lore videos that dove deep into a game's story, YouTube was the place to find it all. We're not sure if this is just coincidence, but Google announced the YouTube Gaming app will be going away in March 2019, around the same time Inbox by Gmail will be discontinued.

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