1 moment in the new 'Captain Marvel' trailer really has people confused

Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios

Marvel Cinematic Universe actors such as Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Zoe Saldana have reacted on Twitter to the newly released trailer for the latest MCU film, Captain Marvel.

One power from the comics not seen in the trailer is flight. Brie Larson stars in the film as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. In the post-credits sequence of "Avengers: Infinity War", Sgt. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was sending a text message to Captain Marvel when he (SPOILER) dissolved.

It would not surprise me at all to learn that the Kree are less than heroic within this war with the Skrulls and that Earth is in very real danger of being overrun by the Skrulls due to the Kree trying to wipe them all out genocide style.

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The explanation is this: one of the villains in the movie could well be a shape-shifting being known as a "Skrull". A lot of people loved Captain Marvel punching an old woman in the face, though some were perplexed. When the two eventually met Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, he attempted to kill Chewie, correctly identifying it as part of the unsafe alien species known the Flerken.

The Captain Marvel poster also had a special furry addition - Carol's "cat" Chewie.

Though Captain Marvel insisted Chewie was just a regular house cat, Chewie eventually laid over a hundred eggs, letting the cats out of the bag. The Flerken have the ability to shoot tentacles out of their mouths and hide miniature pocket realities of contained space and time inside their bodies. Instead, we'll meet Larson's Carol Danvers as a super-powered being when the movie begins, and then flash back to important events in her life later.

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